Agreement has been signed with WWF Russia and FSC Russia regarding the preservation of Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL) on the whole gross leasable area of GC Titan

16 aug 2019

GC Titan, which is the general supplier of wood products to Arkhangelsk PPM and Sawmill 25 CJSC, together with WWF Russia and FSC Russia have signed an agreement on the preservation of IFL on the whole gross leasable area of holding.

According to the document, Group of Companies Titan has accepted obligations not to cut in the intact forest landscapes, which are ecologically valuable and to work on the creation of SPNR in these areas. There are 350 thousand hectares of such IFL on the leasable area of the company.

The holding was one of the first in Russia, which together with a reputable environmental organization WWF Russia made zoning and allocation of particularly valuable IFL sections over the whole leasable area, which amounts to 5.7 million hectares.

“This is the FSC’s real contribution to the preservation of Russian nature,” commented Nikolay Shmatkov, Director of FSC Russia. - This agreement became possible only due to FSC certification. Titan is a certified company and has accepted voluntary obligations to preserve especially valuable areas of primary, virgin forests. These forests would have been cut down without FSC, but now they will be protected as specially protected natural areas. The negotiation has been going on for almost 2 years between WWF Russia and Titan on the development of this agreement, and we are glad that the agreement has been signed finally. ”

“An agreement signed with GC Titan will give protection status to the most valuable sections of virgin forests, which would have been cut down without such a status,” said Andrey Shegolev, Director of the WWF Forest Program and member of the FSC Russia Coordination Council.

Totally, it is planned to create five SPNRs and several sections of the national forest heritage.

Thus, by 2028 about 30% of all IFL on the leasable area will receive protection status thanks to an agreement with CG Titan. This is a great achievement of the negotiation process between environmental organizations and business, which became possible only thanks to the FSC voluntary forest certification.

We will remind that earlier CG Titan signed an agreement with WWF Russia and Greenpeace Russia concerning the approval of borders and the voluntary preservation of 170 thousand hectares of intact forest landscapes on its leasable area. This is a significant part of the designed Verkhnejulovskiy reserved forest in the Dvinsko-Pinezhskiy forest area.