The production of treble-lined corrugated board has begun in the Istrinsky branch of JSC Arkhbum

05 oct 2018
BHS line for production of treble-lined corrugated board of types B, C, E (micro) with the possibility of producing corrugated board with BC, CC, EE, EB profile was launched in the Istrinsky branch of JSC Arkhbum on October 4, 2018.

Treble-lined corrugated board is intended for production of extremely strong packing which will be used for food packaging, for example, for packaging meat products as well as vegetables and fruits, etc. Also treble-lined corrugated board is used for packing and transporting large-sized containers, such as house hold appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines.

As previously reported investments in expansion of production volume were channeled into improving of client-oriented approach of the company on a highly competitive market.

JSC Arkhbum is a subsidiary company of JSC Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill (the only shareholder of Pulp Mill Holding).

The main business lines are “Logistics” and “Corrugated Packaging”.

The corrugating division of holding includes three sites: Podolsky, Istrinsky and Voronezhsky branches of Arkhbum.

Currently the cumulative annual production of Podolsky branch and the first line of production in Istrinsky site is more than 320 mln. sq. m of package.

Taking into account these four processing centers (Podolsk, Istra-1, Istra-2 and Voronezh), the company plans to take a leading position in the Russian market for the production of corrugated package with an annual capacity of 850 mln. sq. m of products.