A legendary  copy-book
School best-seller for many generations of
Soviet and Russian children  

Since 1963 we have been producing these famous school copy-books with green covers (school notebooks STO 00279195-003-2007). The best copy-book in its category made of wood-free pulp with high smoothness of paper and minimum scuffing.


- 12 sheets (ruled AZ01; squared AZ02; narrow ruled notebook AZ03; ruled with diagonal lines AZ 04; large squared AZ05Z05);
- 18 sheets (ruled BZ01; squared BZ0);
- 24 sheets (ruled CZ01; squared CZ02).

Packaging: corrugated cardboard box

  Product description Quantity per package    Unit
  12-sheet notebooks with margins (squared, ruled, ruled with diagonal lines)   420    pcs.
  18-sheet notebooks with margins (squared, ruled) 280    pcs.
   24-sheet notebooks with margins (squared, ruled)  210    pcs.

Shipment / Capacity

- 1100–1500 boxes
- 462–630 thous. pcs. 
in 12-sheet count  
- 3200 boxes
- 1344 thous. pcs.  in 12-sheet count  

- 1100 boxes
- 462 thous. pcs. в 12-sheet count