The first stage of implementation of OMP CSBSOMP corrugated packing production planning and management system is completed at “EUROPACK”, LLC

24 dec 2018

At the new plant of “Arkhbum” JSC in Voronezh – “EUROPACK”, LLC – the first stage of implementation of OMP system, specialized solution for planning and management of OMP CSBS corrugated packing, is completed. The work was performed by “Enterchain”, one of the OMEGALLIANCE Group companies, an authorized Russian representative of OM Partners, Belgian company.

The specialists of “Enterchain” have implemented the first stage tasks (forming of optimal pattern cutting and integration with corrugated board making machine) during the quarter.

Pattern cutting created in the system OMP CSBS is automatically loaded into controller of corrugated board making machine. As the result, the startup of OMP system significantly simplified for operators of corrugated board making machine and processing lines to adapt to new equipment and ensures well-timed plant operation at the planned capacity.

Currently, the installation of remaining processing lines and the transport system continues at the plant. All these facilities will also be included in the general circuit of the OMP CSBS planning system as they are commissioned.

As it was previously reported, the Voronezh branch of “Arkhbum” JSC has put a new corrugator Fosber (Italy) into operation.

Now Pulp Mill Holding is implementing the “EUROPACK” re-equipping program and is building a sales concept for the company.

By 2020 “EUROPACK” will be fully included into “Arkhbum” JSC and thus, the Pulp Mill Holding corrugated board division will include three sites - Podolsk, Istra and Voronezh branches of “Arkhbum”.