Out partners in education

Lomonosov Northern Arctic Federal University (NARFU). We signed a partnership agreement with the university in 2007 and opened at APPM production facilities the branch of the pulp and paper technology academic department of Pure and Applied Chemistry Institute integrated into NARFU.

Novodvinsk Industrial College (NIC). We have been successfully working with the college for many years now.

4 steps

We developed and implemented continuous personnel training system "STUPENI" ("STEPS"). For many Novodvinsk and Arkhangelsk residents this system has served as a real stairway to the top of their professions.
Pre-school institutions
«APPM future» program
  • Vocational guidance programs
«Forest class» project
  • Vocational guidance training
  • Participation in creative and research projects of APPM
Higher education institutions
«Prospects» program
  • Corporate scholarships
  • Internship and practical training
  • Participation in APPM projects
«Forest class» project
  • Mentorship system
  • Young specialist training system
  • Advanced training, re-training
  • Participation in internal corporate projects
15 million rubles was spent for personnel training in 2016
of hired employees graduated from NIC
of hired employees graduated from NARFU
of APPM employees have studied in NIC
of APPM employees have studied at NARFU
of APPM employees received various types of training