Contribution to economic development of the region

Arkhangelsk PPM plays an important role in the economy of Pomorye by ensuring employment and providing considerable tax payments to budgets of all levels.
We are one of the largest companies in the Arkhangelsk region, which means:
  • We provide work places
  • We are one of the largest tax payers
  • We stimulate business activity of hundreds of partners and contractors
  • We develop social and economic infrastructure of the region
Results of 2016
2 billion rubles
of taxes to
budgets of all levels
people are provided
with work places
and contractors

PomorInnovaLes cluster

APPM was the initiator and driving force of the first in Russia timber industry cluster PomorInnovaLes. Its goal is to create and develop a process chain where all participants – from wood harvesting companies to manufacturers of high added value products – are connected through partnership and work to improve the business activity in the region.
The largest projects implemented by the Cluster:
  • bio-energetic industry development: manufacture of sawdust pallets (eco-friendly fuel) and construction of boiler houses consuming such pallets
  • extension of the wood transport road network and improvement of its pavement
  • creation of a seed-breeding centre to grow seedlings for forest restoration
  • manufacturing ash and wood wastes fertilizers
  • wooden house construction
PomorInnovaLes Cluster is:
large, medium, and small companies
joint projects
new work places