FSC certification

As one of the leaders in the Russian pulp and paper industry and one of the largest exporters in this field, JSC Arkhangelsk PPM ensures the supply of high-quality products complying with the globally recognized standards, including FSC certification requirements.
Products manufactured from legally harvested timber based on responsible forest management principles are finding an ever growing demand on the pulp and paper product market. Compliance with these principles is guaranteed by international certification with the Forest Stewardship Council® system.
JSC Arkhangelsk PPM (FSC trademark license code FSC-С002853) obtained FSC certification for the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer and were the first among the Russian pulp and paper companies to launch FSC-certified finished products (bleached hardwood sulphate pulp) on the market.
As a result of a regular audit inspection, the scope of certification was expanded to the production of FSC-certified bleached sulphate softwood pulp.
JSC Arkhangelsk PPM was successfully re-certified for compliance with the requirements of the FSC Chain of Custody and controlled timber standards.
During an audit inspection, the scope of certification was expanded to cover the manufacturing of FSC-certified finished cardboard and paper products.
JSC Arkhangelsk PPM successfully passed a regular re-certification audit.
As a result of the audit inspection, the validity of the FSC certificate was confirmed and production of FSC-certified school copybooks was added to its scope.
Currently the List of FSC product groups manufactured by JSC Arkhangelsk PPM includes the entire range of APPM finished products.

The company’s development strategy includes a further increase in the output of FSC certified finished products. This is facilitated by development of voluntary forest certification in Russia.

The general supplier of timber materials for JSC Arkhangelsk PPM is LLC PKP Titan, which gained FSC certification in 2005 and was re-certified in 2010 and 2015.
As an incumbent member of the Russian Association of Environmentally Responsible Timber Producers established under the aegis of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), JSC Arkhangelsk PPM together with LLC PKP Titan company actively participates in the development of new Russian FSC standards. Also, Arkhangelsk PPM extensively cooperates with the state authorities and environmental protection organizations on the issue of preserving intact forest landscapes (IFL).

Forest protection

Forest protection

Following its commitment to sustainable development and responsible forest management principles, the management of JSC Arkhangelsk PPM has supported the idea of creating a Verkhneyulovsky reserve in the Arkhangelsk region in the interfluve of the Northern Dvina and Pinega rivers covering an area of over 300 thousand hectares, despite the fact that a considerable part of this area is occupied by land plots leased by Titan Group, from where timber is supplied to APPM.

The Verkhneyulovsky reserve will become another — the sixth — specially protected area in the Arkhangelsk region.