We manufacture, perhaps, the strongest
pulp of tough northern timber according to
well-known Soviet standards (GOST),
proving our affinity for quality
and high APPM standards.
Bleached sulfate pulp produced by APPM is used to manufacture offset, newspaper and writing paper, kraft-paper, parchment and imitation parchment, base paper for production of toilet paper, paper towels, tissue paper, etc. Pulp is made of mixtures of hardwood (grades LS 0, LS 1) and softwood (grade KhB 2). Pulp is produced in the form of sheets 60*80 cm.



Shipment is possible by rail, road or sea. If shipped by rail, every 6 bales can be packed into a single package

max 20 tons
max 63 tons


Packed in bales. A bale is wrapped in 2 layers of bleached cardboard and strapped with wire

Weight: 200 kg
Size: 60х80х45 см