Our employees enjoy many benefits

Work for APPM means:
joining the team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals
development and professional growth opportunities
unique past experience and new goals for the future
fair salary and extended social package
young professionals (under 30)
employees who have worked for the Company for over 10 years
50 535 rub.
average monthly salary
of employees took part in edicational programs
42 years
average age of the Company's employees

Human resources policy

Arkhangelsk PPM's HR policy is built on the firm belief that the Company's success is ensured by the people who work for it. That’s why we provide conditions for all personnel to achieve the highest professional qualification by realizing their personal potential, providing various social benefits and fair compensation according to the work contributed.

We believe that our professionals are the Company's most valuable resource and our key competitive advantage.

HR policy objectives:

  1. to provide conditions that attract and retain highly-qualified professionals
  2. to enable each employee to fulfil their creative and intellectual potential
  3. to establish a progressive corporate culture and an efficient system of incentives.

Arkhangelsk PPM does not only provide for the personnel guarantees of stability, fair compensation, and the social package required by law, but also the following additional social opportunities:

  • Optional health insurance plan;
  • Corporate retirement plan;
    Preferential health & fitness plans for employees;
  • Summer camp vacations for children;
  • Health-care program (opportunities to engage in various sports activities in gyms, swimming pool, workout room);
  • Adaptation programs for a successful career start;
  • Retraining and skill upgrade programs for professional growth and development;
  • Corporate contests, social projects, Youth Council projects.

Our Values

Many individuals - one Team
We are all different and have our own interests, opinions, tastes and life experience. But we are united by common goals, common corporate values and business philosophy.
We act AS ONE, and therefore we are the TEAM!

Respect and Cooperation
The way to the goal is not always easy. And you can achieve the same result in different ways. But it is essential that you respect your colleagues, remain respectful and constructive in disputes and discussions, open to others' opinions and ideas. Respect your partners, clients, contractors because they give us resources, expertise and drive for further growth, they help us to reach our goals and accomplish our objectives.
We can only achieve our common success through respect and cooperation.
Professionalism and Development
We believe that people are not born professionals, but become ones. Being a professional means continual learning and growth, applying your experience and knowledge for the common good.
Being a professional means sharing your experience and knowledge with your younger colleagues, as someone once shared it with you.
Initiative and Responsibility
We know that the best motivation is the ability to put forward an idea, to engage your team and to implement your idea together. We offer this opportunity to everyone and we trust our employees. But trust also means responsibility. Responsibility for your actions and decisions.
Taking initiative and being responsible is the key to our common success!
History and Traditions
The history of APPM is 77 years of hard work for the benefit of our country, a history of challenges and achievements. Our traditions and past experience create a solid foundation for our present and future victories.
We remember our past, we live our present, and we look forward to the future.

Employees speak about the Company

Tatyana Ryabova
Category 2 Process Engineer at Chief Process Eng. Dept.
"The Company continually improves the work conditions"
From 2004 to 2008 I studied at the Novodvinsk Industrial College, and I had on-the-job training at APPM's biological treatment laboratory. I loved the job immediately, and tried to do the best I could. I was excited to learn from experienced employees. At first I was offered employment for the period when other employees were on summer vacation, and then I got a permanent job. At the same time I continued my education, and I went to the Pulp and Paper Technology department at the Lomonosov Northern Arctic Federal University, and during the final years I already stood in for Chemical Engineer at the Bio Treatment lab. In 2013 I was invited to join the Chief Process Engineer department as a category 2 process engineer, where I am still working and I love it. APPM supports people who are keen to get more training and to grow. The Company continually improves the work conditions, adopts advanced, cutting-edge technologies, and appreciates the workers' successes. It's important that we have this great team with whom you can quickly resolve any complicated challenges that may arise. We always welcome new talented and hard working employees. Join the team.
Alexander Churakov
CHP-3 Shift Supervisor
"The Mill's management highly values and supports their employees"
I made the decision that I would work at the Mill when I was still a school student. In the choice of trade, I followed in my father's footsteps, he's an Arkhangelsk Technical University graduate of the Thermal Power Engineering department. I joined the Company in 1999 and immediately I delved into the work routine, and I enjoyed great support from the team in achieving our common goals. I started out as an auxiliary operator. I was excited about the work, every day brings something new at the APPM. It's important that the management highly values and encourages their employees. If you do your job diligently, you can always feel the support. The Mill is an advanced talent pool. It has everything for young professionals to grow in their trade, to build a successful career, for personal development.
Natalya Lemekhova
Environmental Engineer
"I'm a Novodvinsk resident, and I have always wanted to work for APPM"
At the university I majored in Chemical Wood Processing Technology. From 2010, I worked as a board production QC inspector, a document control clerk at APPM office, and from 2015 I am an engineer at the Environmental Department. I am from Novodvinsk and I have always wanted to work for APPM, and I am glad that everything has worked out for me! Now my main goals are to gain new knowledge, information, and professional experience. The Mill is a great place for career growth and development. The Company's social policy is impressive as well, it does not just cover the employees but also their family members. The Mill helps the city a lot through various massive charity programs in the area of presence.
Serge Okunev
Senior Electrical Engineer at Board and Paper Shop
"My whole work life will be dedicated to my company, it's like part of my family"
- I've been working for Arkhangelsk PPM since 2012, and in five years I have grown from an electrician to senior electrical engineer. When I graduated, I was anxious to go to the shop floor, to gain practical experience, to apply and expand my knowledge. Arkhangelsk PPM was my instant choice - it's the largest and most successful company in Novodvinsk. I joined a great team, and they taught me everything that I needed to know. I was stunned by the scale of the Mill's upgrade program and social policies. Being an employee of Arkhangelsk PPM gives you an opportunity for fulfilment and growth, material stability, confidence in tomorrow. I am convinced that my whole work life will be dedicated to my company, it's like a part of my family. Do you want to work for APPM? Come and join us! And don't be afraid of challenges - you can learn anything if you want to!