The shutdown of Board Machine No.2 is started on APPM Board Production Plant

11 jan 2019

 On the 14th of January 2019 the shutdown of the second board machine (BM-2) will be started on the Board Production Plant at “Arkhangelsk PPM”, JSC to assemble completely all parts of modularities of a new machine manufactured by Valmet Technologies Inc., complete electrification and automation of machine and handle final commissioning.  

Fully updated BM-2 at “Arkhangelsk PPM”, JSC will be the biggest and most advanced board machine in Russia. Its cutting width – 6.3 m, operating speed for 125 g/m2 basis weight – 800 m/min, for the basis weight from 100 g/m2 and lower – 1000 m/min.

Installation of Valmet power-efficient equipment will allow decreasing the load on environment for water consumption and water discharge, energy resources consumption. Reduction of electrical energy will be approximately 5%, mill water consumption – 12%.

BM-2 will produce fluting and kraft-liner. Such product as universal board Unilier earlier produced on this machine will not be produced anymore.

After total re-equipping the machine will increase the capacity approx. up to 300 thousands of tones per year (growth of container board output at APPM will be 100 thousands of tones per year or 20%).

Implementation of the second stage of APPM top investment project in the area of forest exploitation “Board production rebuilt” will give an opportunity to company to produce more than 600 thousands of tones of container board per year.

Now therefore “Arkhangelsk PPM”, JSC can offer the products of updated BM-2 with new features - extended density range (from 80 to 280 g/m2), new qualitative values, new opportunities for operational planning for both Russian and foreign markets.